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Allround Cycling Jersey.(that is alive, kicking and talking)

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Attach, detach, say it with a patch.

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We want to be there for riders of all stripes, from flaming racers to mellow explorers.

We want to take all of you along for a ride. Around the world, le monde quoi. @coureur_du_monde

"To all boulangeries, beacons of light, we love to see, smell and taste you. Stay around the corner, please."

Shot & shout by @wouterwalkie
Beaune — Paris, Mailly-la-Ville, 🇫🇷
6th June 2018, 08:34

"Sprinting on the holy ground, almost faster than an airplane, ready for those inflight drinks now, sun is down"

Shot & shout by @Stijn Neuteleers
Tour du Berlin, Tempelhof, 🇩🇪
14th June 2019, 19:43

"The wild outdoors create wild thoughts. Is there a better feeling than cycling towards the horizon?"

Shot and shout by @Manon Brulard
Brussels — Tokyo, Tadjikistan Pamir Highway, 🇹🇯
7th August 2019, 11:15

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Handmade by Ann aka Cap’An in Oudenaarde.

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"This winter I bought a Bullit Bike in Copenhagen and decided to cycle it back to Belgium, home." WVP