Our story (oud)

Coureur du Monde was born out of a love for cycling. As Belgians, cycling has always been a part of our being. We are bike-mad and cycle-crazy. Our name comes from the Belgian nickname for cyclist - “coureur” - combined with a feeling of camaraderie and horizondrift.

Coureur wear is different. Our designs dance around the boundaries of then and now. We play with classic and contemporary. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of cycling’s Golden Age, from the late fifties through the seventies. Its cycling heroes are the invincible kings of cool, with their laidback style and fearless hearts.

The front and back pockets of their jerseys became part of our signature. Many of our shirts carry their name and spirit. Form follows story. Original future classics that add to the myth.

At the same time, Coureur du Monde is made for contemporary tastes. We live today. We love today. We want to mix the best of both eras, in our designs and everything we do. Yesterday and tomorrow in one shirt, to create a new cycling aesthetic. With a love for detail, stories and iconic elegance.